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MelodyTip: How to Cleansing Water Part 2 — this time with UBER MOISTURE — Raw Relief Cleansing Water

Raw Relief Cleansing Water

Holy cabooses, Cornelius! I love this cleansing water like nobody’s business. Here are the cliff notes for those of you that don’t want to dive down my rambling mess of excitement but keep an eye out for GIVEAWAY details in this post! 

• Cleans off all makeup and sunscreen — even your super permanent 24 hour eyeliner! 
Immensely hydrating and moisturizing. You will never feel tight or dry after using this cleansing water. It’s amazing. 
• Get a dewy glow and feel comfortable in your skin
• Gently clean your skin with pH 5.0-6.0 and friendly plant derived ingredients 
• Contains 11 natural plant extracts for an extra bit of nourishment
• Contains beta glucan — antioxidant and anti-inflammatory — known to help reduce redness 
• Hyaluronic Acid and glycerin for extra plump, fresh skin. 

That was longer than I thought. There are too many things I love about this cleansing water. It seriously OVER delivers — if that’s possible. 

First and foremost, I would like to express how happy I am to introduce Raw to everyone! Raw is here to take care of your skin with naturally derived ingredients and gentle, effective formulations.

Raw is actually an acronym that stands for REAL, ALL, WONDER.  

Real Natural, gentle ingredients
All Thoughtful of all aspects of skin health
Wonder Innovative skin care with leading technologies 

It has been such a delight testing this brand. Everything is so thoughtfully packaged and each product has been so delightful to use.

But I gotta reel in here. This post is suppose to be *just* about the cleansing water. 


Okay, scenario time

Have you ever stumbled home way too late and way too— *ahem*—tired to do your entire skincare regimen? Sure, you did a sheet mask everyday for like 3 weeks and followed up with 3–4 steps of anti-aging, hydrating awesomeness but you were hella turnt Friday night and can’t be bothered to do all that at 4 in the morning. 

You certainly aren’t going to go to bed with your makeup on like you did the past. You at least know you can’t do that to yourself no matter how hungover you’re gonna be.

What’s a brotha to do? 


I am telling you that you ONLY need this cleansing water — at least for those lazy, late nights. 


The first day I tried this cleansing water, I was like “huh, what’s going on with my face..? Why am I super dewy? But my makeup is gone? What the snowball, bro?” I was seriously freaking out. 

This is an exceptionally emollient product — especially for a cleanser! Think back on all the cleansers you’ve used in your life and remember that dry, crackling, stripped feeling you get after using one. Remember how your skin begged to be dip in your favorite 10 step routine. 

You won’t be feeling any of that. 

Not even a little bit

I'll tell you what you will feel: incredible hydration and moisture—as if you already did a little work already!

I am blown away. I was waking up dewy and awesome every morning after using *just* the Raw Relief Cleansing Water.

Simply fucking amazing (but nerve racking, too, since I was abandoning my evening skincare routine to test the feat of this cleansing water, lol). 

I’m not saying that you should only use this every night but if you’re too tired or busy, one night of skipping your entire routine is not going to kill you (unless you’re obsessed as I am. To cope, I nuzzled my AHA to sleep). 


More Cleansing Water Tips ^_^

Okay, I understand that not a lot of you out there are nearly as lazy as I am (getting dejavu here). The rest of this blog post will be detailing how you can use the Raw Relief Cleansing Water on a non-lazy basis. 

Did you just get off work? Are you about to drive 1+ hours in traffic and the sun has already set behind you? There are a couple of things I love to do during traffic hour. One is singing at the top of my lungs because I *know* there is no one out there that wants to hear me sing “Summer Nights” — (and yes, I do everyone’s voice) — or “Take Me Back to Manhattan” at the top of my lungs. 

Er, yeah, but I digress. The other thing I love to do when I’m driving the maddeningly long way home is wearing a sheet mask! 

Yes, I do wear makeup all day but as soon as no one is lookin’, that crap is coming off as fast as my bra when I get home. 

So yes — opportunity time! I pull out my decanted bit of cleansing water in a mist bottle (you guys remember the #MelodyTip about decanting cleansing waters into mist bottles, doncha?), clean my makeup off before I start up the car, and slap on a sheet mask. Then I drive off into the sunset, singing my favorite show tunes with hand motions and everything. Sometimes I even throw in a couple songs from favorite divas ^o^ uh, anyway, yeah.

Let’s call it this the pre-drive cleanse for your #commutermask.

Using this cleansing water as a pre-cleanse

Yes, you can absolutely use this as a pre-cleanse. What is the pre-cleanse step? Well, sometimes you just don’t want to do a full cleanse. At this time, you would normally pull out a handy, dandy wipe or alternatively, your favorite cleansing water!

So plop some cleansing water into a clean, disposable cotton pad, wipe away the dirt, grime, sunscreen, and makeup, then, do your evening thing—whether that’s rounding up your kids to review their homework or cooking up a quick dinner. 

The pre-cleanse is a great step when you haven’t had time to yet take a breather to relax into your evening routine. 

Using this cleansing water as your main morning cleanser

Some mornings, you just need to cleanse with water or a gentle foaming cleanser. Alternatively, you can use a cleansing water to fulfill this step right before you step into the bathroom. Yup. Go on and wipe off your sleeping pack with a cotton pad soaked in cleansing water while half awake so you can get 5 more minutes of that Zzz. 

Oversleep? That’s ok. Your skin will still feel incredibly moisturized thanks to the half-assed cleansing you did while you were half asleep. Grab some sunscreen and get out there, you well rested badass! 


Thanks everyone for reading! I hope it you enjoyed this post.

Do you perhaps have a cleansing water tip? 

Any curious q’s about Raw? 

Let us know in the comments!


Giveaway Time!

I know you guys love a good giveaway and I do too! WIN this cleansing water by posting a #SheetmaskSelfie on social media Did you see that #commutermask hashtag? Well, go on and use it Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Don't forget to tag us! 

Giveaway Conditions

    • Post about your favorite cleansing product on Instagram
    • Use the following hashtags: #CleanseWithMelody
    • Tag @melodycosme and 3 other friends on Instagram
    • Be sure to like or follow us on the social media platform you’re using to post
    • Open to U.S. Residents. 
    • Ends May 31st 

GOOD LUCK everyone and have fun! :) 



Check out Raw Relief Cleansing Water here





Oh I do not miss those days of Bay Area commutes! I wish I had sheet masks back in those days and I might look a little less haggard these days. Very excited to check out this new brand, though I may be holding out for the cream that looks like little soft mints you get at restaurants at the end of your meal:)

  • Margaret @ Melody

    Thanks so much for your comment. Unfortunately, I am still going through those grueling commutes! LOL. Skin care pre-drive has definitely a lifesaver ;)
    I’ll be writing a blog post of the cream soon! Stayed tuned! <3

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