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Melody Tip: It’s getting hot out there! Hello, Con Season. Don‘t forget your cleanser & sunscreen — Plus our giveaway ends May 31st!

Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone! 

Indeed it is Memorial Day weekend (bless our troops) but it also means Con season and summer is in full swing!

Con season is short for the back to back Anime conventions in the summer. It’s so much fun but boy do you get dirty — and I definitely can attest to that.

I just came home from my first day at Fanime and washed my face. It was gaahhh-ross! I double cleansed then just to feel extra sure, I used my a cleansing water afterward and found that I was still SUPER dirty. I eventually semi-scrubbed extra soiled parts of my face with a cotton square. It was unbelievable, the double cleanse is usually so thorough! 

This is just a *reminder* that if you are out all day during the con, make sure you wash your face at the end of the night! I know how the conventions go. You go from spot to spot and sometimes you don’t sleep. (but I hope you get to!)

The “not going to sleep tonight” cleanse:

If you’re going to go all out this weekend, take some time for yourself to help your skin so you don’t wake up with a breakout after the weekend is over! You can even do this waiting between  :) 

  • Use a cotton square with a bit of cleansing water (Melody Tip: decant into a spray bottle) 
  • Softly swipe back and forth the corners of your mouth, your t-zone, and temples! 
  • Other areas of your face that get extra sebum development (such as the area below your eyes and above your cheeks)
  • Reapply sunscreen & touch up makeup 
  • STAY HYDRATED! — Drink water!
  • STAY HYDRATED! — Bring a small mist

The “I’m definitely sleeping tonight no matter how many activities there are” cleanse:

I know this sounds like overkill, but your skin *will* seriously get dirty. I am suggesting a TRIPLE CLEANSE! :) Your skin will thank you come Monday!

  • Cleanse as usual with an oil cleanser + your favorite 2nd cleanser
  • Use a cotton square with cleansing water
  • Wipe your whole face, concentrating on areas that are extra dirty (corners of your lips, t-zone, around your hairline)

If you do not want to triple cleanse, I would definitely bring a gentle sponge to use with your second cleanser! 

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Thanks for reading everyone! Do you have a hot day/Con Season tip you would like to share? Tell us in the comments! 

Cheers :) 

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