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San Francisco Skincare Tour!

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Visiting Asian + Korean Skincare shops is even MORE amazing since it is normally so unattainable in so many parts of the United States. So if you are visiting SF, follow my guide and shop till you drop ♥

I visit these skincare shops whenever I have a few minutes to kill and give them lots of love especially if they have awesome stuff. You will find that a lot of these shop have up to date and rare product finds!

SUNE — Recommended

Sune is located on Irving St. in the Sunset District. Sune carries a mixture of niche brands like Dr. Althea and Doctorcos as well as a selection of products from popular Road Shops like Innisfree and Etude House. This shop is actually both a salon and a beauty shop. If you join their rewards program and spend about ~$200, you can receive free hair treatment service at their salon. There are always various mask promos here and as always, you can try products in person! It is always a joy to chat with the staff and owners. 

I discovered Sune with my friend Simone. She popped in maybe 5 years ago to buy some more BB Cream. At the time, they carried Missha’s BB Creams, and the very popular Super Skin79 BB Cream that everyone raved about. 

Ichiban Kan

Ichiban Kan is a Bay Area dollar store (kind of). At this one, you can find the very popular My Beauty Diary and My Scheming sheet masks from Taiwan as well as week long and 40 day long bulk sheet masks by Lululun. There are various Japanese haircare products here including my old favorite from ~four years ago, Ichikami. They also have various Japanese makeup brands like Dollywink. Sometimes you can get a DEAL on haircare products at Ichiban Kan. I once bought an Ichikami shampoo + conditioner with a promo item set for $10!!!!

JVD Global 

While a little odd, you can get a little skincare fix here. Navigate your way around the do-dads and focus on the good stuff. Grab the Innisfree sun cream and a few Tony Moly items for a moderate price then head over to my favorite takeout dim sum place in the Richmond area, Good Luck Dim Sum. If you are wary of that suggestion, just take a look at the slew of stickers that also recommend that place ^o^

Zen Aesthetics — Korean Beauty

Zen Aesthetics — RECOMMENDED

I love Zen Aesthetics! Incredible selection of Korean Skincare + Makeup and very polite staff! They even have brands popular on the web including LJH, J.One, Evercos, and Mediental. Zen Aesthetics is both a Korean beauty shop and a shop with an esthetician! So yeah, go get yourself a facial with Eunice, then hear a few recommendations from the ladies at the counter. 

Ichiban Kan Japanese Skincare Koeranbeauty

Ichiban Kan, again

This is the Ichiban Kan in Japantown though. Completely different. You will find that they have Hada Labo and my new favorite—Oshima Tsubaki Hair Oil! Great place for storage bins on the cheap but...


Not as cheap as Daiso. Daiso basically demolishes any storage solution that Ichiban Kan has for sometimes 50-75% off the price. Plus, Daiso a myriad of budge friendly beauty related products. My favorite being the decanting supplies and containers!!!! They also have pellet masks, makeup applicators, sponges, cotton squares, fashion ribbons, etc. Daiso is da bomb diggitiest. 

the face shop san francisco koreanbeauty

The Face Shop

Try and test all kinds of Face Shop products here and pick up the deals! Listen to what the sales are and browse and test products at your leisure! 

k-pop beauty tony moly

K-Pop Beauty (Tony Moly)

This shop is dimmed with very bright accent lights everywhere kind of like you’re at a runway show. Take some time and SMELL all the hand creams. You might find yourself buying some along with the Timeless Snail line! 

candydoll sf koreanbeauty

Candydoll Beauty — Recommended

HUGE, DIVERSE, UP TO DATE SELECTION! This place is da bomb. There are Japanese, Taiwanese, and Korean goods here. I practically couldn’t shove my card in their face fast enough when I saw that Papa Recipe Gel Cream and J.One Jelly masks. Overall, I really like it here. I end up buying a lot from them so I pester them to open up a membership card each time I purchase something. Hasn’t worked yet. 

Nijiya Market 

No one can beat the massive Japanese skincare and makeup selection at Nijiya Market in SF. You will find several kinds of bulk masks, Japanese boxed masks, as well as very popular drugstore skincare brands. That’s just on the side of beauty—don’t skimp on the Japanese snacks and drinks here!

Nijiya Market was definitely my first stop for Asian skincare growing up in the city. I purchased my first boxes of sheet masks and the infamous Shiseido Perfect Whip Foam Cleanser at this Nijiya Market!


That’s all for San Francisco! I know I missed a couple stores and will add them to the next post! I will also be doing a Bay Area beauty tour so follow us on Instagram and Snapchat @melodycosme! 



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