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Fall in love and patch test, one product at a time.

Skincare routines can be daunting with the hundreds of options available to you. A routine can call for as few as 2 steps and as many as 10. 

I have known people that begin their routine with cleansing oil, a foam cleanser, as many as four actives, pH balancing toner, a first treatment essence/skin, then whatever toners they like. Add a sheet mask or hydrogel with eye patches and a lip mask, then even more serums/ampoules/essences. They typically finish with a moisturizer and a sleeping pack for their face and a separate one for their lips. 

You might want to get to this epic level of skincare godlikeness like your favorite bloggers and vloggers. You'll go out and buy 20 products all at once and slather it on your face as soon as your haul arrives. Then the next few days, you go through your week and your face is a wreck. Your skin reacted poorly to one or more of those products and you have no idea which one did it. 

Hey, it happens.

When I first started shopping for skincare, I was like I NEED TO BUY 10 OF THESE RIGHT NOW BECAUSE SHIPPING IS $60 ANYWAY. YOLO.

Don’t do that. Start out small with a foam cleanser, a nice moisturizer, and a fantastic sunscreen. Then slowly build up your routine. Treat yourself and your skin. Think about what your skin is hungry for. If you're acne-prone, think about adding an active from, or if skin is in need of cooling and hydration, try a sheet mask or hydrogel. 

Fall in love and patch test, one product at a time.

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