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ACWELL pH 5.5 Cleanser & Moisturizer

Whoa, I am mad stoked to release these products. As far as I know, Melody is going to be the only shop in the U.S. that carries Acwell. Acwell (아쿠웰, pronounced ah-ku-well) is a hanbang gold mine for sensitive skin. Their products are formulated with ingredients like licorice root and peony from Dongui Bogam (Mirror of Eastern Medicine).

In short, hanbang is Traditional Korean Medicine. Of course, variations of herbal medicine is used all over Asia. I grew up drinking 苦茶 in place of modern western medicine my entire life. 苦茶 is tastes like exactly what it translates to: bitter tea. I drank a combination of stewed herbs and the like everyday until my asthma attacks went away. I haven’t had asthma once in my adulthood—but, I digress:

Traditional Korean Medicine and variations thereof are legit, and these types of ingredients are widely used in Korean, Taiwanese, and Japanese skincare! 

I have been stalking Acwell for a few months (let’s be real, I’ve been on a hunt for great new products for months, and believe me, I have seen a lot of new stuff. I wish I can bring them all to the U.S.~~!). I first came across this skincare line on Glowpick (consumer based ranking system from South Korea~). Oh my goodness, the Acwell Aqua Clinity Cream was ranked 16 out of 2400+ moisturizers on the market and the Acwell Bubble-Free pH 5.5 Balancing Cleanser is ranked 12 out of 250+ gel cleansers! They’re both very well rated and are favorites among the public! TOO awesome ♥ 

We were able to grab the Acwell Aqua Clinity Cream and the Acwell Bubble-Free pH 5.5 Balancing Cleanser and I’m going gaga over them both. If there is enough interests, we will get the whole line! Just leave and tells us you want them! Leave a comment below, email us at, tweet us, IG us, whatever. 

Step #5 in this line is a spot treatment gel cream for PIH, and sunspot sufferers!!!! REJOICE!! If there is interest, I definitely will pick this up too ^__^ 

These products are perfect for me because I’m lazy and I have mad sensitive skin. Oh yus.

The Acwell Bubble-Free pH 5.5 Balancing Cleanser is great for lazy people. This is truly a great second cleanser but performs very well on its own. 

Whenever I use this cleanser, I feel super fresh and clean but not stripped dry like many harsh soaps and cleansers I've used in my ignorant past (lol). After cleansing and drying my face, my skin would feel SO SOFT. The first time I used it, I couldn't stop touching my face. All the hardened pores in my nose I couldn't get out during oil cleansing were lifted out as I washed it off.

This cleanser smells really fresh like yuzu and it is truly bubble free! I even tried to agitate some bubbles by using a bubble net but didn't get much (had to really work it to get some bubble action going). I normally can get a really good lather going with a bubble net with my Khiel's cleanser but I get NO BUBBLES with the Acwell cleanser. Super intriguing. This cleanser can be used dry but I like using it with slightly wet hands.

The Acwell Aqua Clinity Cream great if you have sensitive skin and it is mad filled with hanbang ingredients (just like the cleanser). This guy is packed with centella, witch hazel, licorice (brightening, anti-inflammatory), peony (more brightening, antioxidants), cimicifuga dahurica root extract (antioxidant), pueraria lobata root extract (anti-inflammatory, isoflavones and genestein).

This little cream is full of good stuff. The light citrus scent (from the oil of the fruit from the bergamot plant) is heavenly~! 

This cream feels super silky, light and moisturizing and is perfect for my hates-everything-skin ✌ 

I have really fallen gaga for Acwell and these two items are a total knockout ♥ they're here already so take a look! :) 

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