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#SlowSkincare: The 2-Step Routine

The 2-step routine is a good, pH balanced cleanser, and a good moisturizer. That’s it! 

Why the 2-step routine?

There are a lot of beginners in skincare out there that are diving into the multi-step routine and they’re breaking out! Acne, hives, rosacea, allergies!

People are slapping on 10 products a day as soon as their package arrives on their doorstep. It’s like cramming an entire semester’s worth of studying into a single night and hope to ace the test the next morning. 

I mean, sometimes I hear of people acing their finals after a night of studying, but, let’s face it, it normally doesn’t turn out well. 

You can’t heal your skin overnight.

I urge you to take your time when you dip into skincare and listen to your skin. As you start your journey in skincare, you’ll soon understand what your skin will need. That’s for another blog.

Who is the 2-step routine made for?

The 2-step routine is for the someone that is just starting to get into skincare. A proper introduction—if you will. 

  • If you shave every morning, you can add it near the end of your shave to help prevent razor burn.
  • If you have a child that is starting to have acne issues (can happen as early as age 10), start this routine together with them so they can develop good skincare habits early.
  • Maybe you’re suddenly fascinated with skincare and you just want to dive in. The 2-step routine is especially important for you. I know the feeling of wanting to buy 10 of every brand you see. That’s why I have a shop now (lol). I urge you to please do not do that.

How should I start?

First, grab a pH balanced cleanser—preferably a gel or foaming cleanser.

Why a pH balanced cleanser? First, not all cleansers are made alike and not all cleansers are good for your skin! Cleansers that have a high pH can damage your moisture barrier which can lead to dryness and sensitivity. A damaged moisture barrier can prevent your skin from healing from skin issues like acne, dehydrated skin, sun damage, etc. Finding a cleanser that has the same pH as your skin is imperative.

How to find a pH balanced cleanser: Not all companies are absolutely transparent about this. However there are companies like Acwell that proudly have the pH on the label and COSRX that show the pH of each product on their website. To find an arbitrary pH of a product, try purchasing pH strips! :)

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