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Melody Tip: Cold Weather Masking

Cold Weather Masking

Mediterranean Pomegranate from Lovemore Fresh Direct Import

I know it’s cold out there so putting on what feels like an ice-cold, essence-soaked mask really doesn’t help. Stay warm during your pampering sessions and warm up your sheet mask! 

Materials (5 items)
Sheet mask, thermometer, bowl, warm water, towel.

In warm water about 98–104°F (37–40°C), submerge a sealed sheet mask into warm water for about 5–10 minutes. Towel dry. 

Open it up and enjoy in near a heating vent or an area heater ♥

This should help bring your sheet mask to at least body temperature. 

Don’t have any sheet masks on hand? We’ve got you covered! 

Happy Masking! ♥

Note: Do not microwave sheet masks as many sheet masks wrappers have silver inner linings.

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