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Melody Tip: Warming Up with a Moisturizing Bath!

Manyo Factory Radiance Oil It’s spring-ish here in San Francisco so we’re on our way to moderate cool, moderate warm weather again but we know elsewhere it is frigid and cold. Here is another Melody Tip to warm you up this winter! 

Baths are oh so fun but Melody Cosme is in California so we do not indulge in baths (so thirsty. Please send water ;0;). So when we look to spa at home, we do baths for our feet!

Any time I am persistently cold, I draw a little bath for my feet to warm up. I normally add epson salts and some essential oils just to make it a little more special. A fleece blanket and a few minutes later (about 10-20 minutes), I’m warm again. ^^

How do you step it up to the next level? Add a moisturizing oil! For my foot bath, I added about quarter dropper of Manyo Factory’s Radiance Oil, stirred it around with my toes and the oil coated my feet. Making it feel super luscious and moisturizing. My feet were so incredibly soft afterward!

The Radiance Oil is a fantastic glow maker but it’s even better as a moisturizer and multi-tasker. I dub thee, multi-oil. Mix it in with your moisturizer, your bb cream, whatever. It’ll be fantastic. 

Don’t have the Radiance Oil on hand? Try using a little olive oil or avocado oil! :) I can’t guarantee that it will feel as luxe but you can always try! 

Also if you have a salux cloth on you, the steam from your bath will make the skin on your legs soft enough just so you can gently scrub any dead skin away. So yay to that one-two punch of warmth, relaxation, and skincare ^_^ do you bump it up to the next-next level? Set yourself up in front Netflix of and have yourself a night in ^^ I recommend laying down a towel for potential splashing and for drying you feet after you’re done with your chill time.  

Questions, comments? Let us know in the comments below! :) 

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