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Your bathtime is about to get lit đź’–

Manyo Factory Rosehip Oil Mist,

We are releasing the beautiful and luxuriously moisturizing Coco Love from Dirty Mermaid Beauty. When you wrap yourself up in Coco Love’s Organic Coconut Milk and Organic Bulgarian Rose Buds, keep these tips in mind to amp up your bath time!

BUT SKIN FIRST — Three ways to treat your skin for the best bath ever. 

mist manyo factory bifida ferment lysate rosehip oil galactomist


Mists are my favorite type of skincare product so why not bring it to the bath? Plus points for a mist that is as beautifully scented as the Rosehip Oil Mist from Manyo Factory. A cooling mist would be amazing during your hot-hot bath! The options are endless.

washoff packs Manyo Factory Olivarrier

Wash off masks

Wash off masks are a no brainer during bath time. While water is running in your bath, cleanse your skin at your sink then apply your favorite wash off pack from you forehead to your décolleté. The plus side of using Coco Love is that you’ll be cleansing the wash off mask with that delightfully moisturizing water. 

Sheet masks
Not into wash off masks? You can always use a sheet mask. What I love about using a sheet mask during a bath is the steam rising from the warm water which means all that fresh humidity keeps your sheet mask full of moisture. That’s right. No dry upper lip area and all while having pleasantly quenched skin.


bathtime snackies

A light bowl
Why a light bowl? How else are you going to snack, bathe, and mask at the same time. Just don't knock that bowl over while you’re catching up on your favorite show :)

One or two sparkly beverages
I typically go for an iced seltzer water, but if you are of age (and not with child) try a beer or even a sparkling wine to fancy up your bath. Just be sure to quench your thirst!

Candle light
Tea light candles are tiny candles that are typically unscented so they will not take a away from the scent of the bath. Plus, lighting several sets the mood and ambiance. Of course, always be vigilante when lighting and placing candles.

Hope this helped you bring some extra fun with your bathtime! đź’–

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