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Extra Cleansing

What the hell is extra cleansing? Do you even need it? Some of you have noticed the extra cleansing section on our postcards and have been asking us what it is and if you need to implement this kind of step into your routine. 

The truth is, you don’t need to add this step if you think your skin doesn’t need it. 

What is extra cleansing?

Extra cleansing is any skin care step that cleanses your skin as a second function. So maybe your COSRX Pimple Pads is primarily used for mild exfoliation but it also helps wipe away debris. That’s extra cleansing. It’s a step that has the properties of a mild cleanse without the fuss of a full cleanse. 

Extra cleansing steps can be any wash off masks, scrubs, toner pads, or cleansing water. 

Where in my routine can I add an extra cleanse?

So when do you use an extra cleanser? Extra cleansing is a step that can be used anywhere in your morning or evening routine and even outside of it. Check out these types of extra cleansing products to see where you can use them: 

Toner Pads
Do you wash your face in the morning? Some do and some do not. If you’re the type that uses only water to cleanse in the morning I do recommend trying an extra cleansing step! My favorite morning cleanse is using a toner pad. Toner pads can help nourish skin while wiping away dust that may catch on your skin while asleep. Plus, being preloaded with skincare goodness makes this an easy step in the morning. 

Cleansing Water
Cleansing water is a product that contains mild surfactants. This type of product is meant to be strong enough to help melt away sweat and makeup but gentle enough to make sure it does not disrupt your skin barrier. There are two instances where I would use cleansing water. 

After exercising
If you’re the type that works up a sweat and needs to move on quickly through their day, you might enjoy using a cleansing water. After cooling down from your workout, splash your face with water, pat dry (if possible) or let air dry, then soak cleansing water into a cotton square or round and swipe over your skin. Mild surfactants can help prevent breakouts by breaking up oil and sweat that can linger after a workout. If no time for a full cleanse, this is surely a great, quick choice. 

Coming home after a long day
My friend @madalynwrp and I both stand by the pre-routine mini-cleanse when coming home! I’ve written about this a bit in previous posts. Now, I officially label this step as extra cleansing! The idea behind this step is freeing your skin when you come home. Over the day, your skin is tired as you are. It’s been beaten down in the sun, covered in sunscreen and/or makeup all day! Free your skin and wipe away your day with a mini cleansing water cleanse :)

Wash Off Masks and Peeling Gels
Both of these products are great after your evening double cleanse or even before. Clay masks can help draw sebum and dirt to the surface and can help the efficacy of double cleansing. Other wash off masks can help prep your skin for the rest of your routine. They can help your skin absorb more moisture while also providing the mask’s individual impacts. On occasion, I like to stack these products together and use them one after another.

When my skin is looking particular loose, flakey, or oily, I use a peeling gel after cleansing. Once I rinse the peeling gel off, I’ll apply my wash off mask. This is of course extremely gratuitous and unnecessary but that’s why I stuck both these products in the optional extra cleansing step! :)

I hope that helps and demystify this completely optional but oftentimes skin saving step in your day!

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