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Melody Tip: Use Up Your Samples!

Are you hoarding samples? Don’t look at me like that. I know you are because I have too. I’m here to tell you it’s time to stop hoarding and start trying!

If you ever shopped at Melody Cosme, you would know that we are practically ~addicted~ to giving samples. What can you get out of this tiny sample of a product though? Not much, right? 

Yes, you are right. Evaluating and judging a product is very difficult from an eeny weeny sample. Here are just a few guidelines that you should keep in mind when you see your next sample packet!


Use half a packet on the back of your hand. Certainly, do not try it on your face and if you do, do not try more than one type at a time. Some products do show immediate effects (many sheet masks and some products), but most of the time you will not see the effects of skincare without consistent usage. There is also a possibility that your skin will react adversely to the product from sensitivity or allergy. 


If it is a liquid, pool the product in your hand. If a cream, pinch between your fingertips. If a cleanser, try drawing on the back of your hand with a bit of makeup then see how the cleanser performs! You can understand a lot about a product by just feeling the texture. Though the most important factor of texture is do you like it? If you like it, congratulations random sample cream, you passed this first hurdle! Next, what kind of texture? Snaily? Chewy? Springy? Thick? What kind of weather would this product be good for? What time of day could it be used? 


Smells like roses and dry wine? Sign me up! Smells like fermented trash? Well, I don’t really mind that so much as long as it doesn’t last very long. Personally, I don’t enjoy excessive floral notes and a certain ceramide line that a lot of people seem to love. So, how do you like the scent and note the longevity of scent. If it is a scent that I cannot tolerate, it usually does not make it to my face (let alone to the store)!


How long does it take the sink into your skin after application? Does it fail to absorb at all? Some products have a tendency to ball up upon rubbing but some sink into your skin better after your skin barrier has repaired or after exfoliating. This is also a time you can use to judge whether or not this can be use as your last-step occlusive!


Does your skin feel slightly tacky? Does it feel fully hydrated or moisturized? Is there a slight white cast or fake glow from the usage of glitter or titanium dioxide? Be sure to do a flash check (take a photo with flash) for products that are suspicious of this. 


If you end up loving this sample, congratulations! It is time to do a little patch test on your face! Do your usual face routine and squeeze the other half of the sample pack you saved into your palm or fingertips. Apply it gingerly on places you are worried about breaking out or being sensitive to. Observe how you feel the next couple days. 




At this point, it’s handy to try more of the same sample on other areas of your face separately or purchase the product that you have tried so you can thoroughly test it for the next 2 weeks to 3 months.

So what are you waiting for? 

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