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Slow Skincare + Happy 1 Year at Melody! Yay!

Whoo hoo! 1 year has passed since we opened Melody! To celebrate, we are offering free shipping for everyone that orders 1 item or 1 mask set or bath set! No discount code necessary, just add your desired item to cart! 

Melody has always been about skincare health. Nothing is more important to me than the health of your skin. I know some of you have a tendency to purchase 3–4 things at a time, and that really worries me sometimes! If you overload your skin, how will you know what is working or what is breaking you out? 

I always recommend at least 2 weeks and sometimes even 2 months to test a product. 

This is why I am offering free shipping for everyone that orders 1 item or 1 mask set. This is the beginning of the #SlowSkincare movement with Melody.

So what is #SlowSkincare?

Slow skincare is not just taking time to patch test each and every slippery essence that glides on your skin. Slow skincare is being thoughtful about each item you add to your routine. #SlowSkincare is falling in love with every bit of what is in your hands. 

#SlowSkincare is your skin experiencing for the first time what it is like to by hydrated, taut, chewy, and bouncy. 

#SlowSkincare is you mulling over your collection and thinking about what your skin needs tonight (and what you deserve tonight). 

MelodyCosme has always been all about skincare health. 

You might see your favorite blogger or vlogger post different routines, products so you can’t help but feel envy ooze out of your pores.

Push all those thoughts of envy aside and think of what your skin really needs. Slowly build up your routines by introducing one product to your skin at a time. Thoughtfully consider each item you and fall in love with one item at a time.




As you all know, we have a couple brands that are quite rare and not very well-known in the United States. Now is your chance to try them out! ^_^ It will ship free and I’m not skimping on the samples either!

If you need a recommendation, I will always be happy to chat with you. Just email us at or comment with your Disqus account below!


Thank you for helping us make it to 1 year at Melody Cosme :) it's been tons of fun serving all of you! 



Cheers & Much Love!
Margaret @ Melody

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