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My 媽媽 (mama) is Melody

The name “Melody” was given to my mom by my late grandpa the day she told him that she will be opening a store front in San Francisco Chinatown. He said to her, “you’ll need an easily remembered name. With Hello Kitty being too recognizable, why not go with Melody?”

My mom shared this story with me when I said that I wanted to name my skincare shop after her. 


My mom and dad immigrated to the States in the 70s. Back then, he worked 3 jobs round the clock. To support him, my mom climbed the ranks of a sewing company. 

The more skilled and successful my mom became, the more she was bullied. She was forced into a poorly lit corner with the most broken down sewing machine by her colleagues that envied and despised her and her success. Yet, she persevered.

When our family was suffering, she was brave and asked my equally wonderful grandmother to help kickstart her business at a small counter nestled in a mini-mall that is now DeeDee’s boutique in Chinatown. 

Again, her success brought bullying and scorn by the other shopkeepers in the mini-mall—even when friends she trusted spread rumors and created divisive atmospheres around her, she persevered.

Seeing her success and her charisma, an elderly shop keeper down the street offered to rent out half his shop to her. A bigger space with more opportunity.

My mom thrived with just this shop for almost 30 years and brought us to where my family is today—where I am today. 

I have nothing but love and respect for my family. MelodyCosme wouldn’t be here without my mom who was strong even through adversity.


Hope you’ll celebrate mom today with us 💕

Margaret @ Melody

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