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Stop yourself from falling into Skincare Trend Traps!

Late last night I was sorting through my sheet masks for what seems like the thousandth time. I was sifting through my stash to see which masks were too late to used and once again, I stumbled upon my modeling masks.

You remember modeling masks. They exploded in popularity around 3 years ago. I was particularly susceptible to this Skincare Trend Trap. Somehow, I needed to purchase every single brand and type of modeling mask possible.

That’s a Skincare Trend Trap. 

This Skincare Trend Trap can starts with a single item that did amazing things for your skin. Then, you stock up because of how much you have loved this product. This slowly devolves into an obsession that you did not know you were capable of.

My modeling mask quest led me to purchase every single brand, type, flavor modeling mask possible. There was no way I could use a modeling mask even once a week as they are so involved. By the time I figured out that I couldn't use them, I was already knee deep.


There are ways to stop yourself from giving into the hype. Relax and take a breather. Here are a few ideas that can make all the difference:

Wait 24 hours
Sometimes all you need is to take a step back and wait it out. Fill your day, not your cart 😉Try mapping out your day with activities, chores, cooking, journaling—anything that will stop you from giving into the hype. 

Access your stash
Take a look at your stash and really think about whether or not you need that extra something. Give yourself limitations. This can mean only have 5 toners or making sure you use 1 sheet mask a day for a month. 

Think about your skin + shop your stash
Ultimately, skincare if about your skin. Will this new addition help you reach your skin goals? Is there anything in your stash that can currently do the same? 


Tell us about the Skincare Trends that you’ve been trapped in, have found to be utterly useless, time consuming, or just plain totally not worth it. Write a comment below or comment on our post on Instagram! 

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