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Miracle System: Manyo Factory 2 Weeks Program

Manyo Factory 2 Week ProgramThe journey that brought me to love the 2 week program started with a series of accidents.

I was once a naysayer when it came to these types of products. Usually, they are very expensive, very tiny, packaged excessively, and often times, with dubious effectiveness. The Manyo Factory 2 Weeks Program has turned my opinion on this type of product around.

What is the 2 week program?

This 2 Week long treatment set was created to brighten scars, PIH, sun damaged sun spots or age spots as well as even out your skin tone in 2 weeks. This has transformed my skin. My scars have healed faster and have lightened with usage.

The first time I used, was during a time where the entire left and right sides of my jaw was absolutely covered in closed comedones—skin-colored bumps that are formed when skin cells and oil are blocking a hair follicle. My jawline was covered in this way for months and months with no end. I used AHA and BHA products routinely, however, the cell turnover rate for me was —so— slow. A few CCs would come to a head or dissipate with AHA and BHA, however, by the time those few were out, more were developing under others.

“This treatment program also improved the health of my skin”

I actually introduced the 2 Week Program to my the shop by accident. I marked them to be purchased without the intention of doing so. I was shocked when I found them while sorting through the latest shipment.

I have told myself for over a decade that I would never get sucked into purchasing a product that had outlandish claims and here there was this product that I didn't mean to buy for the shop here in my hands. I felt terrible since we normally vet each product based on effectiveness (and delight!).

I wrote a lackluster product description based on the information available on Manyo Factory’s website. While prepping this product to get onto the website, I clumsily ripped the packaging and so had to open a 2nd one to photograph.

I must say, I feel blessed. I was just going wait until the lot we had of the 2 Week Program was gone and be over with it. Had I not accidentally ordered this and accidentally ripped the packaging for the demo product we use for photoshoots, I would not have fallen in love with this product.

Why do I love it? I mentioned the jawline full of CCs I had. Yes, HAD. 

The 2 Weeks Program really quite literally helped expel about 30% of my CCs within the first DAY of usage. That number would increase to 50% then to about 80-90% by the end of the 1st week. The expelling plateaued after the 1st week. This first week, a lot of CCs became whiteheads—something that happened only every month or so.

The 2 Week Program did not just help expel all that built up gunk.

During the 2nd week, I get one or two whiteheads, but I feel as though the 2nd week was all about repairing my skin sensitivity. By the end of the 2nd week, I felt as though this treatment program improved the health of my skin. Wounds from acne were healing very quickly faster. In some cases, those acne wounds would not leave marks or PIH at all.

For months, my skin was generally completely out of whacked. My eczema was working over time around my eyes and every few weeks, I would get a new stye that would become frighteningly infected. This stye issue use to bounce back and forth from my eyes and I would be taking a new set of antibiotics every month. During this time, I halted usage of all acid-based products (AHA, BHA, retinol, everything) and my CC problem became worst.

When I say that the 2 Week Program improved the resilience of my skin, I mean it. My skin has not been this clear and healthy in years. After I turned 27, I felt like I was always struggling with either acne or facial eczema around my eyes and each issue would erupt as the other subsided (all this left me with undereye issues that needs a lot of care).

The 2 Week Program actually felt incredibly itchy the 1st week of use. That's why I mention my skin sensitivity issues. From the halfway through my 2nd week, I did not feel a sting or itch. My closed comedones were seriously falling out left and right so I powered through the tingling itchiness.

Get this, too—products I found burned and hurt my skin, felt perfectly fine after the 2 Week Program. I was finally able to appreciate products that I have outlawed for my skin.

I know that sounds outlandish and impossible but my experience with the 2 Week Program is 100% candid. For me, what started out as a whim became a miracle.

Have you tried the 2 Weeks Program? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments! 

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