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Melody is all about skincare health. Taking care of your heart, brain, colon, and lungs is a no brainer but skin health is often neglected. We go day after day taking in food and supplements that are good for our body but not many of us do the same for our skin that suffers from sun damage and congestion from dust and air pollution. You can clear the congestion in your nose and throat, and you can do the same for your skin.

Build your routine from as few to as many products as you need. Start with a gentle pH balanced cleanser and proper UVA/UVB sun protection. From there, add a light moisturizer. Look at your skin concerns, and try adding actives to help combat acne or reduce PIH. Those with dry skin can add a hydrating toner or serum and so on and so forth. 

Our logo represents this layering process in skincare. The shape represents hydration and moisture—something that we feel is the most important aspect of skincare—having happy, hydrated skin. We also desaturated the core color to show that the results of a skincare regimen can lead to a soft glow. 

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Take care of yourself everyday from the inside and out.

—Margaret @ Melody 

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